For over six years, I have served as director of operations of a government software company that specializes in administrative and operational efficiency. In this capacity, I have consulted the State, checked required statutes, and lead the charge to bring change to offices. Since taking over operations for the company it has grown from a handful of employees and half a dozen clients to over twenty employees and thirty government partners in two states. Sitting at both the front counters and in the back offices, I have learned the details of the various jobs in these offices. This has given me the know-how on servicing them, which in turn saves the governments money and betters the user experience for citizens.  This experience gives me a unique skill set to optimize the Circuit Court Clerks office. 

My work in the private sector revolves around making government operations more efficient while working within and through government bureaucracy. These government operations include County Trustees, County Clerks, Online Services for General Sessions Court, Chancery Courts, Cities and Tax Collectors. Along with filling many positions in these offices, I once spent three weeks at as the chief bookkeeper for a county in Middle Tennessee. My ability to meet my goals has been proven in other places, such as in Metro Nashville, where I was able to enhance customer service, reduce employee’s workload, and save taxpayers dollars.


Family. Faith. Service.

My dedication to the things I believe in have always been a large part of my life. From my faith to charity and community work all the way to professional and family life, I give my all. In growing the company I oversee, I went six years without a full week of vacation to get us where we are today. This is the level of dedication and work ethic I will bring to the Knox County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.


I have always prided myself on my character and helping others. I am not afraid of standing up for what I believe regardless of the consequences, and I contribute my core values to my faith and my family. I serve as the Anti Money Laundering Officer for my current company and assist in making sure credit card funds are monitored and accounted for properly. I assisted the state of Tennessee in finding missing funds in excess of seven million dollars in a county in Middle Tennessee. I am committed to running an honest and audit finding free Knox County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.


  • Modernize office with improved technology which will reduce costs to taxpayers, create a more efficient user experience for the customers, and reduce the workload of staff.
  • Uphold office values and professionalism.
  • Further staff training through CTAS, the AOC, and other Circuit Court Clerks from across the state who have pledged their support to me when I am elected.



Losing my father at age 12 was the hardest thing I have endured to date, but loss, brought me to my faith. During this time I watched my mother fall ill with two types of cancer and thereby lose her ability to support our family for a while. In an effort to support my family, I dropped out of school at 14 to teach myself design, website programming, and graphics. I found those in my community who needed work done and did what I could to help my mom. I have never regretted the decisions I made, but I do regret how the system failed my mother and me. 

At 16, I began working full time and have never stopped. I was ultimately able to go back and finish school and by God’s grace, my drive, and my unwillingness to quit I got to where I am today and I found my calling - local government. 

I am going to put in the time, work, and necessary research to best understand and maximize every facet of this office. With the help and counsel of other circuit court clerks from across Tennessee who have pledged their support, I will increase office efficiency and morale, reduce the operating budget, be accountable, and maintain record integrity and professionalism.

I am a Christian, a husband, a father to a little boy with another on the way, an athlete, a web designer, a community servant, an artist, and with your help the next Knox County Circuit Court Clerk. 


Local government is my passion and I have now dedicated my life to figuring out how to make it better, more efficient and easier to deal with for the citizens and office staff. Technology is key in moving us forward and I have the experience in implementing systems that do just that. I want to serve, I have accomplished the goals I set out to do, and now it is time to put my skills to use for my community. I ask for your vote and support.

Facts about me:

  • I have served as the Junior Achievement of East Tennessee associate board chairman, served on the Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad board, and I currently co-chair the Knox County Bill of rights committee.
  • I am a state liaison for the Knox County Young Republicans and have been a member of several other clubs as well as having served as President of the Center City Republican Club for three years.
  • I am President of the Brickyard Hills HOA which has 142 residences in Powell.
  • I am a 4th-degree black belt and an accomplished obstacle course racer having completed my first 'ultra' before getting injured last year.
  • Most importantly, I am very involved in my church, teaching Sunday school, acting on our tech team, our security team, and working with our drama team. I am married to the greatest wife I could ask for, Jilene, and I have an amazing son with another on the way in July!


We appreciate your donations and volunteer support! Please click below to get involved. Thank you so much for your faith in me.